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ALFAJR Azan Clock White - Automatic Athan 5 Times in 5 Different Voices

ALFAJR Azan Clock White - Automatic Athan 5 Times in 5 Different Voices

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  • ⏰ Automatic Azan five times a day. Choose from 5 different reciters from - Makkah, Madina, Egypt, AlQuds and Riyadh
  • ⏰ Includes simplified manual for USA customers. Support for all cities in the 50 states
  • ⏰ Set TIME and CITY once, and Athaan time changes automatically.
  • ⏰ Measures 8 x 6.5 inches. Includes on 4 AA batteries. 5V USB C input socket. ( DC charger not included). Can be set on a Table or hung on a Wall
  • ⏰ Display - English/Arabic ⏰Temperature - Celsius/Farenheit. ⏰ Calendar - Hijri/Gregorian
  • ⏰ Perfect for home and office. Also, a great gift for family and friends for Ramadan, Eid, Umrah, Hajj and other occasions

AlFajr CF-19 (new model from AlFajr release 2021) is a beautiful and functional Islamic clock that displays prayer times, Hijri/Gregorian date and time, temperature and more. This clock can be set on a table or hung on a wall, and available in the colors WHITE and BLACK. You can choose from FIVE azan styles;Makkah, Madina, Egypt, AlQuds and Riyadh. The prayer times are automatically set based on your city. Our customers say, it is a beautiful feeling to hear the Azan in the homes.
CF-19 supports more than 100 major cities in USA and can also supports setting up the clock using Longitude and Latitude.
Comes with a SIMPLIFIED MANUAL for U.S. cities (exclusive for our customers). The manual allows for a step by step instruction in a simple and easy to read format to save time and result in an easier set up.

More features

⏰ Prayer times for more than 100 major cities in USA. Supports adjusted time for nearby cities. A new city can be added using your Longitude and Latitude.

⏰ Location is setup by selecting the City Name - like San Francisco, New York etc.

⏰ Azan can be turned on or off for each prayer selectively. 

⏰ Can choose Aqamah time (prayer reminder) before or after azan time

⏰ Six Taqweems systems to choose from.
⏰ Hijri and Gregorian calendars
⏰ Shows temperature in Celcius or Farenheit
⏰ Language - English or Arabic
⏰ Shows date - Hijri, Gregorian, or both

⏰ Automatic Daylight Saving time option
⏰ Screen displays Qibla direction relative to North
⏰ Shows moon age in days and hours
⏰ Low battery indicator
⏰ USBC power socket can be used instead of AA batteries. Power cable NOT INCLUDED. 

Package List
1 X Azan Clock

1 X Al-Fajr User Manual
1 X Custom and simplified user manual for USA Cities (sent electronically)

1 X Package in a nice box

4 AA X Batteries

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