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Getting to Know Muhammad: a Rhyming Verse Novel

Getting to Know Muhammad: a Rhyming Verse Novel

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Getting to Know Muhammad: a Rhyming Verse Novel, About the Life and Struggles of the Prophet Muhammad, for Teenagers and Young Adults.


Getting to Know Muhammad ﷺ is a fun, fast-paced verse novel with a poetic style that rhymes, aimed at teenagers and young adults. It’s about the life and struggles of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ written in a style that captures and engages the young reader, connecting them to the Prophet ﷺ on a personal and human level. It’s also a great book for parents to read to younger children! If you're looking for a fun and inspiring book about the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ that teenagers and young adults would find exciting, then look no further than Getting to Know Muhammad ﷺ What makes Getting to Know Muhammad ﷺ unique? It's written in a poetic rhyming style which engages the young reader. It focuses on the emotional parts of the Sīrah, particularly the struggles that the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ went through, allowing the reader to develop a connection with the Prophet ﷺ. Its distinctive poetic rhyming style provides a hook for the young reader and makes it approachable to reluctant readers. It contains lessons for the youth on how to deal with life's problems, all wrapped around the narrative of the struggles faced by our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. The fun and playful layout of the text on the page keeps things fresh and dynamic. Parents can also read this book to younger children due to its rhyming style, with many talking points throughout.

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