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Hamza Learns Wudu : Book 2 in the Hamza the Muslim Boy Series for Ages 4-8

Hamza Learns Wudu : Book 2 in the Hamza the Muslim Boy Series for Ages 4-8

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Description from the publisher:

Dear Reader,

Have you been struggling to find a muslim character that your children can relate to? A character that can teach your children about Islam and about being a good muslim in a fun way?

With popular characters such as Barney The Dinosaur, Dora The Explorer, Caillou and many more shaping the way our children learn and think, you may be wondering where the Islamic influence is going to come from?

Although many of today's characters for children teach them good and valuable lessons, the fact is, our muslim children need to learn more about Islam.

We have come up with a solution... You don't have to waste hours online looking for great childrens books or spend time going through countless books at your local Islamic bookstore because we have created the solution right here.

Let your children follow along as Hamza is taken on whirlwind adventures as he learns more about Islam and being a good muslim. Growing up in the western world, Hamza and his family (Papa, Mama, brother Ali and sister Aisha) face many challenges every day.We are in the process of developing many products that will revolve around Hamza and teach children more about Islam in a fun and educational manner. We have started by developing a series of books about Hamza on various Islamic topics.

We will eventually release other products, games and software related to Hamza that will further enhance your child's Islamic learning experience.

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