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A step by step guidance to prayer in the light of sunnah by Dr. Shafiqu ur Rehman

A detailed and comprehensive book on the method of prayer in the light of the sunnah. Includes guidance of common issues regarding prayer (salah).

Dr. Shafiqu ur Rehman, a prominent religious scholar of Pakistan, has written this book entitled Namaz e Nabvi to the benefit of the Ummah. The warnings about the Sahi and the Dhaif Hadith are also highlighted by Sheikh Zubair Ali Zai رحمه الله. Also very useful scholarly additions of other eminent religious scholars Hafiz Salahuddin Yusuf, Maulana Abdul Samad Rafiqi رحمهما الله and Maulana Abdul Wali Khan حفظه الله have also been added in this book.

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